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Whistler Mountain

Whistler General Information
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Thirty years ago, the Whistler Valley was a few fishing lodges and isolated homesteads; there wasn't any town to boast, just a long highway cutting under the high, glaciated mountain of the Coast Range.

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(Top of Whistler Mountain) When the Whistler gondola's lift was open in 1965 there was hardly any services or accommodations for the people who made the trip to use the lift. Since then, literally hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to develop this area.

Today, Whistler boasts more than 50 dining rooms and cafes, several luxurious hotel suites, and some 6000 residents. It has since then become a place bursting with visitors who wish to spend time away from the reaches of the city. Whistler offers not only a beautiful getaway but also a place for the adventurers at heart with its numerous skiing slopes and whitewater rafting experience.

If you ever get the chance, visit the B.C Mining Museum for a view of the inner workings of an old copper mine. As you head further north, be sure to stop over and see the spectacular Shannon Falls which is B.C. third-highest water measuring some 340m high. If you're travelling in winter, watch out for ice climbers here. However, if you're going in summer, the Stawamus Chief (650m) is a granite massif that attracts rock climbers from all corners of the world.

The Whistler Resort is located about 120 km north of Vancouver on the Sea to Sky Highway. Generally speaking, the word "Whistler" refers to the area that encompasses the side-by-side mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb, Whistler Village at the foot of the mountains and valley.

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(Delicious ice cream at the Cow Shop in Whistler) The appearance of the village is a gem in itself. Imagine walking through a Swiss alpine village built within 20 years instead of gradually evolving all the time. It is wonderful and charming. Be warn though, staying in the village can be very expensive so be sure to bring enough to last your trip there.

The drive to Whistler may be spectacular but if you intend to go only as far as to Squamish then why not consider taking a train trip instead? You can take the last steam locomotive still in service in Canada called The Royal Hudson. For a roundtrip that last 6 hours, you can explore all of Squamish and Shannon Falls as well. If you pay a little more you can go one way by train then return on a delightful cruise on the M.V. Britania passenger ferry.

Whatever your plans are, always plan ahead and it is a good idea to call in first to see what is open. The summer months at Whistler can be very busy compare to the winter months where only a few tour operators will open. Driving to Whistler during the winter months can be dangerous so be sure you have a good and steady car.

For more information, visit Whistler Official Webiste or the Whistler Blackcomb Official Website.

Shannon Falls Whistler Village

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