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What's New in Vancouver?

So what's new with Virtual Vancouver? To keep you update (and keep us on our toes!) we've created a page listing new changes and what's been happening with Virtual Vancouver. In order to keep improve and update our site, we are constantly looking for mistakes and errors. But hey, we're only human and we do make mistakes.

The following is a list of request and changes that we have implanted throughout Virtual Vancouver. If you feel the site needs improvement, simply write to us at info |at| and we will modify the changes at soon as possible. Once again, thank you to all those who have contributed to making this site a better place to visit.

The humble staff at Virtual Vancouver.

New windows for outside links

Okay, okay, we hear you. Boy, you guys really don't like frames, do you? To compromise this (we don't want to loose you once you leave us!), we have made all outside links in Virtual Vancouver (eg. Vancouver Aquarium etc) transform into extra windows.

Up to date events

We realized that we haven't been completely up to date with our Calendar of Events. Our apologies to those who attended a function only to discover it was Granny Day. Although it is not possible to list every single events, we have included as much input as possible for the year 1999.

New look for Front Page

Virtual Vancouver has gone through two previous transformation until we finally agreed on this one. We thought the first one was too plain and had a major cosmetic make-over for the second. Someone wrote to us to complain about the loading time and we took that into consideration. Hopefully this one will load faster.

New links for theatres

Eddy wrote to tell us that he would like to know more information on theatres in Vancouver. We went through painfully as many sites as we knew (you better buy us that drink, Eddy!) and place them in the Vancouver Theatre page so you'll be able to find out about events and schedules.

Postcard Error

Yes, we realized we've been having problems with our virtual postcards. We've hired the big brains to come and fix the problem so it should be working. If not, just let us know.

Shitosim versus Shintoism

What? Someone noticed a tiny mistake like that? Hey, like we said, we take your comments and observations very seriously. We've corrected the spelling as pointed out. Sen sei would be happy.

Lay off the frames

Amazing the number of people who wrote to us to complain about the use of too much frames on our site. Well, excuse us! We thought frames would make things easier but apparently not. We'll work on it. Just give us some credit for all the hard work we put into the site, eh?

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