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Vancouver Transportation

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General Information
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Vancouver is a large city with many fascinating places to visit therefore it is not surprising to hear that she has been ranked as the second best city in the world to live in. Exploring Vancouver is not only easy but convinient. Choose any of the following to learn more about getting around in Vancouver.

  1. You can use the services of our tour operators.
  2. You can travel using our quick and efficient public transportation system. Vancouver has a number of public transportation which you can sample. Try going by SkyTrain or Seabus or enjoy a ride with a ferry.
  3. It is easy catching a bus in Vancouver.
  4. Go for a relaxing coach ride.
  5. Catch a taxi the easy way.
  6. Or if you have an international license, you can rent a car or a trailer/ caravan.
  7. Those who wished to ride a bicycle instead, Vancouver offers some of the best bicycle trails in the world.

Visit BC Transit Homepage

Public Buses

Off Peak Hours 9.30am and 3.00pm (Mondays to Fridays) and after 6.30pm

Catching a bus in Vancouver is easy and will get you to most places in a fast and efficient way. Fares must be paid in exact change as the bus conductors will not provide you with change. You can buy tickets or passes at stores or machines located throughout the city.

© virtualvancouver (Catching the

bus) Be aware that passes will grant you certain concessions if you are within certain zones of the city. To get an idea of the zones, head to any of the ticket machines located at major bus terminals.

Get a 'one zone' fare (it is cheaper for children under age 13) and ask for a transfer ticket which is good for the next 90 mins of travel in any direction of the bus. This also works for the Seabus and SkyTrain.

The best way to see Vancouver and not worry about zones, is to get a one day ticket past which allows you one day's worth of unlimited travel after 9.30am on weekdays and all day long on the weekends.

For more information, visit BC Transit.


© virtualvancouver (Skytrain) This system, first created in 1986 during the hosting of the World Exposition, has been refined and enlarged. The 'skytrain' is a high speed monorail type system spanning the city. In order to travel across the Burrard Inlet to the Northshore, the skytrain connects to a 'seabus' terminal. Here you can transfer onto Vancouver's public ferry and enjoy a tranquil passage across the Burrard inlet. Be sure to visit Lonsdale Quay public market where the seabus will drop you.

At the time of writing, BC Transit is currently developing plans to extend its services into the areas like Commercial, Renfrew, Sperling, Lougheed and many more. To find out more about the new sky train of the future, visit Rapid Transit.

For more information, visit BC Transit.

Seabus and B.C. Ferries

If you intend to take a ferry in Vancouver, you have three choices to pick from. Depending on where you wish to go, ferries are a good alternative to buses and driving. Going on a ferry or seabus is very relaxing and calm. If you go after peak hours, you will find very little passengers on board.

If you wish to go to and from Granville Island, you should try to contact Aqua Bus which runs between the Arts Club Theatre on the island and the south of Hornby Street. The Granville Island Ferries will take you to the Aquatic Centre at Thurlow Street to the docks in front of Bridges Restaurant on Granville Island.

Try the Seabus which is the only passenger ferry system connected to Downtown terminal and the Skytrain terminal. You can even bring a bike along as they allow a maximum of 20 bicycle on every sailing at no extra charge. The B.C. Ferries run at least 25 routes on 38 ferries. The major serving ports are located at Tsawwassen; which sails to Swartz Bay outside of Victoria and the Sunshine Coast is serviced as far as the Queen Charlotte Island.

For more information, visit BC Ferries or take a leisure ride down on the Aquabus.


It is fairly easy to go for a coach express, if you wish to see outside of Vancouver. It is even possible to go south down to Seattle, USA via coach for a day trip. The Greyhound Bus Tour not only provide you with a clean air conditioned bus but also comfortable seats and complimentary drinks and snacks as well as an on-board movie. The bus depot is at Dunsmuir and Hamiliton, which is about a brief 5 minute walk from Downtown.

A convenient and economical daily coach service is the Airport Express which comes about every 15 minutes between the Vancouver International Airport and various Downtown hotels.

See Accommodations in Vancouver for more details.

If you intend to travel towards Whistler Mountain or Blackcomb Mountain, try ringing any of the following coaches and ask about their package deals. Some coaches will operate during the winter months and all will operate in summer.

Other Bus Services:
Gray Line of Canada
Quick Shuttle Bus Services
Vancouver Airporter
Whistler Star Express
Whistler Bus Services

Car Rental Services

© virtualvancouver (Driving in

Vancouver) If you possessed a driving license from another Canadian province, a US state or district, or from overseas, your license is then valid in British Columbia for a period of 180 days or until the license expires.

However, if you intend to stay longer than the 180 days grace period, then it is advisable to get an international permit before you leave your country. It is a good idea to have a license that include a photo of yourself and have English or French writing on it.

Under the new laws, international license are recognized for one year but they must be accompanied by your own valid home license.

See Driving in Vancouver for more details on what to expect on Canadian roads.

You should have at least as much liability coverage as the basic liability coverage by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is as much as $200,000. It is always a good idea to get a Canadian Non-Resident InterProvincial Mortor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card which is accepted as evidence of financial responsibility anywhere in Canada.

Avis Car Rentals
Budget Car Rentals
Hertz Car Rentals

Taxi Services

Most taxis will get you to where you wish to go within minutes of arriving at your hotel. As it is difficult to hail a cab from anywhere, it is advisable to call for bookings. Your taxi will arrive at a specific address and take you where you wish to go. However, you will be charged a small fee for the bookings and tipping is expected.

Taxis are not always the cheapest transportation method so bear in mind if you get caught in traffic at peak hour, you will be charged by the minute.

Taxi On-line
Paramount Limousine Service

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