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North Vancouver Shops and Mall Shopping

North Vancouver Shops & Malls Contents:

  • Lonsdale Quay Market
  • Park & Tilford Centre
  • Lynn Valley Centre
  • Parkgate Village Shopping Centre
  • Capilano Mall
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    1. Lonsdale Quay Market

    2. © virtualvancouver (Modern Lonsdale Quay

Market) On bright and warm days, the Lonsdale Quay Market plaza is filled with people eating and drinking while watching ships pass by the Burrad Inlet. There are 80 stores and services that offer locally grown produce, fresh meat and fish, baked goods, flowers, books, toy and clothing. Shoppers can also sit down for a restaurant meal or simply buy take-outs to eat indoor or outdoor.
    3. Lonsdale Quay Market 123 Carrie Cates Crt, North Vancouver
      Phone: 985-6261

    4. Park & Tilford Centre

    5. The Park & Tilford Centre has a variety of stores ranging from supermarket to acupuncture services. There is a cinema complex if you are in a mood to watch the latest movies. Try the New York style bagel at the Bagel Street Cafe or sample an assortment of pastas and cheesecakes at the Bread Garden.
    6. Park & Tilford Centre 440-333 Brooksbank, North Vancouver
      Phone: 984-8200

    7. Lynn Valley Centre

    8. Although smaller than most shopping complex in North Vancouver, the Lynn Valley Centre offers a variety of shops and services including a travel agency, eye care services and hairdressing. The Purdy's Chocolate's Store is any chocoholic's fantasy with a wide assortment of wonderful and delicious chocolate products. Look out for the Body Shop which is an international shop from the United Kingdom that sells only organic products and is a supporter against animal tested products.
    9. Lynn Valley Centre 1199 Lynn Valley, North Vancouver
      Phone: 980-9354

    10. Parkgate Village Shopping Centre

    11. This shopping centre has a chiropractic clinic as well as a massage therapy centre. A clinic for pets is also conveniently located here. The Lazy Bay Cafe has some of the best coffee in town or you can grab a quick bite at the delightful Mayflower Restaurant.
    12. Parkgate Village Shopping Centre 202-3650 Mt. Seymour Parkway, North Vancouver
      Phone: 929-1137

    13. Capilano Mall

    14. The Capilano Mall has a traditional furniture store that specialises in Canadian wood furniture. There are plenty of restaurants in the centre including the A & W Restaurant, Tak Restaurant and many others.
    15. Capilano Mall 402-935 Marine, North Vancouver
      Phone: 980-8561

      For movie theatres showtimes and locations in North Vancouver please refer to Cinema listings.

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