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Map of Richmond

Richmond General Information
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Richmond is a busy town with two major malls; Richmond Centre and Lansdowne Park Shopping Centre. Along Hazelbridge Way, you will find other Chinese malls such as Aberdeen Centre and Yaohan Centre. The malls reflect the large population of Asians currently living in the Richmond area so if you are looking for Asian goods, Richmond is probably the best place to do your shopping. Yahoan Centre which is owned by a Japanese company has a large food court and an average sized grocery shopping.

If you travel down No 3 Road, you will find a popular restaurant called Knight and Day which offers a good selection of burgers and fries. A very famous bar and grill restaurant, the Catcus Club is also located on No 3 Road. Lunch time at the club is usually the best time to try out their delicious calamari rings with dinner being the busiest time. There are also a variety of Asian restaurants along the road, ranging from Thai to Hong Kong so you the only problems you will have is choosing what to eat.

Interested in the fishing history of

Vancouver? Then your next stop would be the Steveston Village where you will find an authentic fishing village with a charm of its own. The village is located near the Steveston Highway.

Map of Richmond

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