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Vancouver Parks and Recreation Guide - Pacific Park

Vancouver Parks: Pacific Park
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Spanning a huge 2000 acre of pine forest and dense bushes, the Pacific Spirit Park stretches from the shore of English Bay across the peninsula of Point Grey to Fraser River. Also known as University Endowment Lands this park was originally set aside for future development for the University of British Columbia. Developments were hampered by depression and the lack of finance and in 1989, the park was recognized as a prime site for the preservation of forest.

Hiking in the park is a wonderful experience. However, if you are planning to hike, you should keep a track of which parking spot you parked your car in as it is risky to emerged from the at a considerable distance from your car.

Near the Top Trail are a wonderful collection of trees such as birch, alder and cottonwood. You can also try another trail heading towards the East Canyon which will bring you to the bluffs above the Spanish Banks.

Take the Camasom Trail to the Camasom Bog which is a 2000 year old habitat of acidic water. The bog supports rare plants such as the carnivorous sundew and the beautiful but fragile cloudberry. Tread light upon this area as years of human activities have disrupt the ecosystem and while restoration is on the way, it will be years before the bog will return to its former healthy state.

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