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    You've just returned from your day trip around the city (See City Guide) and you're wondering what to do at night. Look no more! Vancouver is one of the best and liveliest place at night with music, movies, comedy and more jazz than you can imagine. Jazz is one of the West Coast favorite with regular venues including the Hotel Georgia and the Dal Richards Orchestra performs throughout Vancouver.

    Sports fans should also check out the Shark Club on Georgia Street. Performing arts fans should visit the Arts Club on Granville Island.

    If jazz is not your cup of tea but you fancy a tickle at the funny bones, then head for the Vancouver TheaterSports at the Arts Club on Granville Island. Comedy theatres are especially concentrated on the island so you can be sure to have lots of laugh at the expense of local Canadian comedians. Did you know... famous Canadian comedians include Mike Myers (Austin Powers), Dave Foley (NewsRadio), Matthew Perry (Friends) and Natasha Henstridge? (The Whole Nine Yards)

    You can also choose to watch a movie instead. There are great cinema complex located throughout the city itself showing new releases. As Canada is so close to the US, you can be sure that most cinemas will screen new releases that have come straight out of the US itself. Fans of things big and in-your-face should try the huge IMAX Centre at the Canada Place Pier or the OMNIMAX at the Scienceworld. For more attractions & sightseeing please refer to attractions guide.

    If dancing is in your blood, then try some of the best nightclubs in Vancouver. With an assortment of dance music ranging from retro to nineties, you can dance the night away. Some of the more popular places will have waiting lines so you need to get in early at around 7pm and you will need to be 21 years and above. Some gay and lesbian clubs are open to a mixed crowd. They have lively music and the drinks are reasonably priced.


    Whatever your choice is, whether you opt for a quiet night or something a little bit wild, Vancouver offers the best options for you. Some night clubs charge cover charge depending on what time you get there so it is best to get to the club before peak time. For some of the more popular night clubs, expect to wait half an hour so bring plenty of friends!

    For more information, visit Club Vibes Nightclub Listings

    Daddyo's on Broadway
    1236 West Broadway, Vancouver

    Tantra Lounge
    123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver

    Mavericks on the Waterfront
    770 Pacific Blvd. Street, Vancouver

    Urban Well Downtown
    888 Nelson Street, Vancouver

    515 Davie Street, Vancouver

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