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Grouse Mountain Sightseeing, Skiing and Hiking in Vancouver

Grouse Mountain General Information
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(View of cityscape from top of Grouse Mountain) Named in 1894 after a hunting party had caught some blue grouse at its peak, Grouse Mountain is one of the oldest and most-developed recreational facility in the North Shore mountains. The Skyride Gondola will carry you 1128m (3700 feet) above the city within 8 minutes. As you rise above the earth, you can see the still waters of Capilano Lake located at the mountain's base.

Eventually the Skyride will bring you to the elegant Grouse Nest Restaurant and Jumpers Bistro and Sundeck where you can grab a bite and watch the magnificent view of the mountain spread before you.

For those who are adventurers at heart, there are trails everywhere offering everything from a brisk 20 minutes stroll around Blue Grouse Lake to a rugged 8km climb up to the 1510km peak of Grouse Mountain.

The Grouse Grind as it's termed by locals is a challenging hike that can take from 45 minutes to 2 hours to hike up one way. Usually hikers pay for a skyride back down. Some hikers who are very fast can run up the Grouse Grind and be at the top in 45 minutes or less, while slower hikers will need one-and-a-half to two hours to reach the top. For more information on Grouse Mountain, visit Grouse Mountain Official Website. For more information on other attractions and sightseeing in Vancouver please refer to vancouver business directory.

Capilano Suspension Bridge
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Capilano Suspension Bridge) The Capilano Suspension Bridge was one of the earliest Vancouver tourist attraction. The bridge is made out of 140m of strong hard cable and plank over a 70m drop to the Capilano River. This awesome walk will take you across the longest and highest suspended foot bridge in the world to the Capilano River Regional Park.

Take a hike along its rugged trails and witness the majestic granite cliffs that line the canyon. The steep granite cliffs are a constant temptation to rock climbers so it is not surprising to find several climbers in the summer months.

For more information, visit Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Suspension Bridge Grouse Mountain

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