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    Since Canada is situated so close to the USA, you may find the latest movies playing in various cinemas. It cost from somewhere between $9 to $13 to see a movie in Vancouver. Tuesdays are cheap movie days in certain theatres, so be aware that it may be crowded during Tuesday nights. Don't worry if you are short on cash as there are convenient machines located at each cinema that will accept credit cards.

    You can check out what's playing at Cineplex Theatres or Cinemark Website

  • Paramount Theater

    • Paramount Theater is the largest theatre in downtown Vancouver and offers comfortable seating with large screen presentions of movies. This theater has been renamed to the Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver.

    Paramount Theater 900 Burrard St., Vancouver, BC, V6Z 3G5
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  • IMAX

    • A five-storey-high screen with IMAX digital sound and the only theatre in Canada capable of showing IMAX 3D movies is the famous CN IMAX Theatre. Let the wide screen take you on a journey you won’t forget.

    IMAX Canada Canada Place Pier
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  • Granville Cinemas

    • The Granville Seven Cinemas host seven first class theatres featuring the latest Hollywood hits.

    Granville Seven Cinemas 855 Granville Street, Vancouver

    Tinseltown Cinema

    • Considered one of the best new theatres around, Tinseltown offers nice, clean and comfortable seats. The ticket prices won't break your wallet either.

    Tinseltown Cinema 88 West Pender Street, Vancouver
    Recording: 604-806-0799
    Office: 604-806-0797
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  • Silver City Metropolis

    • Located in Metrotown are two theatres that you can go watch a movie. One is located at Station Square and offers cheaper tickets. The other theatre, Silver City Metropolis is a huge theatre with more than 10 individuals theatres and has its own food court. Popular movies usually draw crowds at night so beaware of long waiting line. It is better to pre-book your tickets or watch the movies during daytime weekdays. Burnaby is a suburb of Vancuver.

    Station Square Cinemas

    Silver City Metropolis

    6200 McKay Road, Burnaby

    4700 Kingsway Street, Burnaby
    Tickets & Showtimes
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