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Vancuver Calendar of Annual Events for the Year 2000
Part 1

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General Information

Throughout the year, Vancouver hosts an exciting and colorful variety of festivals, celebrations, exhibitions and sports event. So no matter what time of the month you booked your holiday, you can be sure that you will always find something to do and see.

Note: Virtual Vancouver does not take any responsibility for events cancelled. Please call ahead to confirm.


  • Salute to Vienna (1st Jan)
    Orpheum Theatre. Contact: 280-4444
  • Polar Bear Swim (1st Jan)
    English Bay. Contact: 665-3424
  • Light Over Cove (1st Jan)
    Deep Cove Cultural Centre. Contact: 929-5744
  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (2nd Dec 1999 to 22nd Jan)
    Arts Club Threatre, Granville Island. Contact: 687-1644 or 280-3311
  • Star Trick, The Musical (17th Nov 1999 to 23rd Jan)
    New Revue Stage. Contact: 687-1644 or 280-3311
    Visit for more information.
  • Festive Treasures 1999: Silver (26th Nov 1999 to 23rd Jan)
    Canadian Craft Museum Contact: 687-8266
  • Recollect (1st Nov 1999 to 23rd Jan)
    Vancouver Art Gallery. Contact: 662-4719
    Visit for more details.
  • Exhibit A: Objects of Intrigue (1st Nov 1999 to 20th Feb)
    UBC Museum of Anthropology Contact: 822-5087
    Visit for more information.
  • Robson Square Ice Skating (Dec 1999 to end of Feb)
    Robson Square Conference Centre (10 to 10pm daily) Contact: 482-1800
  • All About Blue: The Color that changed the World (1st Jan to 9th April)
    Vancouver Museum Contact: 736-4431
    Visit for more details.
  • City Light: Neon in Vancouver (3rd Dec to 23rd April)
    Vancouver Art Gallery Contact: 662-4719
    Visit for more information.
  • Dr. Fantastic's Marvellous Millenium Show (18th Dec, ongoing)
    Pacific Space Centre Contact: 738-7827
    Visit for more details.
  • Wedding Fair (14th to 16th Jan)
    Hyatt Regency Hotel. Contact: 251-1217
  • Chinese Opera (15th Jan)
    Vancouver Playhouse. Contact: 280-3311
  • BC Wine and Oyster Festival (18th Jan)
    Four Seasons Hotel. Contact: 739-7804
  • Country Living Show (21st to 23rd Jan)
    PNE Pacific Coliseum. Contact: 683-4766
  • Vancouver International Motocycle Show (21st to 23rd Jan)
    Tradex, Abbotsford. Contact: 294-1313
  • Canadian Airlines International Chinese New Year (28th to 30th Jan)
    BC Place Stadium Contact: 687-6021
    Visit for more details. (foreign)


  • One Night Only (1st to 5th Feb)
    East Cultural Centre. Contact: 280-3311
  • Welcome Dragon (1st to 27th Feb)
    Port Moody Arts Centre. Contact: 931-2008
  • Spirit of Women 2000 (5th Feb)
    Unitarian Church of Vancouver. Contact: 261-7204
  • Monster Jam 2000 (5th Feb)
    BC Place Stadium Contact: (630) 566-6100
    Visit for more information.
  • Vancouver International Boat Show (9th to 13th Feb)
    BC Place Stadium Contact: 294-1313
  • International Travel Show (11th to 13th Feb)
    Plaza of Nations Contact: 331-1870 or 1-888-571-1117
    Visit for more details.
  • Pacific Agriculture Show (17th to 19th Feb)
    Tradex, Abbotsford. Contact: 291-1553
  • Harlen Globetrotters (18th Feb)
    General Motors Place. Contact: 280-4444
  • Vancouver Golf Expo (18th Feb)
    BC Place Stadium Contact: 536-70006
  • Mystery Improv. Theatre 2000 (18th, 19th, 25th, 26th Feb)
    Pacific Theatre. Contact: 731-5518
  • BC Home and Garden Show (17st to 21st Feb)
    BC Place Stadium Contact: 434-6853
    Visit for more details.
  • The Wellness Show (25th to 27th Feb)
    Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre. Contact: 983-2794
  • Abbotsford Collector Car Show and Auction Spring Classic 2000 (26th, 27th Feb)
    Tradex, Abbotsford. Contact: 514-2277
  • Beatlemania (Feb)
    Various locations. Contact: 1-800-661-0178
    Visit for more details.
  • Armed Foces Day (27th Feb)
    Vancouver Maritime Museum Contact: 257-8300
    Visit for more details.

  • Fraser Valley Boat and Sportsmen's Show (3rd to 5th Mar)
    Tradex, Abbotsford. Contact: 661-7373
  • Gala Concert (4th Mar)
    Orpheum Theatre Contact: 683-0222
  • 2000 CARHA World Cup (5th to 12th Mar)
    Great Pacific Forum, Delta. Contact: (613) 748-5646
    Visit for more details.
  • Greater Vancouver Operatic Society (5th to 25th Mar)
    Gateway Theatre, Richmond. Contact: 270-1812
    Visit for more details.
  • Fraser Valley Home and Garden Show (9th to 12th Mar)
    Tradex, Abbotsford. Contact: 412-2288
  • Chefs in the Market (12th Mar)
    Granville Island. Contact: 666-6832
  • Spring Gift Show (12th to 14th Mar)
    BC Place Stadium Contact: 412-2271
  • The Body and Soul Expo (17th to 19th Mar)
    Robson Square Conference Centre. Contact: 1-604-662-7805
    Visit for more information.
  • Pacific International Auto and Light Truck Show (31st Mar to 9th April)
    BC Place Stadium Contact: 214-9964


  • Quilters (7th Apr to 6th May)
    Pacific Theatre. Contact: 731-5518
  • The Sleeping Beauty (13th to 16th Apr)
    Queen Elizabeth Theatre Contact: 280-3311
  • Festival! (14th, 15th Apr)
    Orpheum Theatre Contact: 876-3434
  • Fantasy Ball 2000 (15th Apr)
    Hyatt Regency Hotel. Contact: 737-0714
  • Vancouver Sun Run (16th Apr)
    Downtown Vancouver Contact: 689-9441
    Visit for more information.
  • Good Friday God's Friday (21st Apr)
    Orpheum Theatre Contact: 738-6822
  • Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival (24th to 30th Apr)
    Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre. Contact: 872-6622
    Visit for more details.


  • Chryler Stars on Ice (2nd May)
    General Motor Place. Contact: 280-2639
  • Silk Road Music (5th May)
    Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. Contact: 205-3000
  • Vancouver International Marathon (7th May)
    Downtown Vancouver Contact: 872-2928
    Visit for more information.
  • New Music West Festival (10th to 13th May)
    Plaza of Nations, Various locations. Contact: 684-9338
    Visit for more information.
  • Cloverdale Rodeo and Exhibition (19th to 22nd May)
    Cloverdale. Contact: 576-9461
    Visit for more information.
  • Vancouver International Children's Festival (29th May to 4th June)
    Vanier Park. Contact: 708-5655
    Visit for more information.


  • Curious Savage (1st June to 1st July)
    Pacific Theatre. Contact: 731-5518
  • Richard Stolzman - Rags to Riffs (2nd, 3rd June)
    Orpheum Theatre Contact: 876-3434
  • VanDusen Flower and Garden Show (2nd to 4th June)
    VanDusen Botanical Garden Contact: 878-9274
  • Antigone (2nd to 25th June)
    Jericho Arts Centre. Contact: 224-8007
  • Jubilation of Millenium (9th June)
    Gateway Theatre, Richmond. Contact: 270-1812
    Visit: for more details.
  • Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival (12th June to 22nd Sept)
    Vanier Park. Contact: 739-0559
    Visit: for more details.
  • Alcan Dragon Boat Festival (16th to 18th June)
    False Creek. Contact: 688-2382
    Visit: for more details.
  • du Maurier International Jazz Festival (23rd June to 2nd July)
    Various locations. Contact: 872-5200
    Visit: for more details.
  • Vancouver Vibrations - 1st Annual Millennium Country Western Dance Festival (24th, 25th June)
    West End Community Centre Ice Rink. Contact: 669-9504

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