The Vancouver aquarium makes a terrific destination for tourists with nearly 600 species, including those from the waters of Vancouver, BC and Canada.

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Vancouver Aquarium

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( Killer Whale at Vancouver Aquarium)

Vancouver Aquarium General Information
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As you take a stroll in the Stanley Park why not visit the Vancouver Aquarium as well?

With 8000 animals representing nearly 600 species, the Vancouver Aquarium is a wonderful land of aquatic discovery. Enter the world of the Amazon forest, followed by the cold Arctic and witness the rainbow colors of coral reefs.

The aquarium was first conceived as a project for the observation and preservation of marine life. It is a learning centre with more than 55,000 members. It is a rich community of resource, with various specialized galleries.

If you walk towards your right as you come in, you will be greeted by the Graham Amazon Gallery. The atmosphere in this particular gallery was created to replicate the humid, warm jungles of the tropics. There are an assortment of marine life creatures who lived in such climate. For every hour on the hour, the sky will darken and lighting and thunder fills the room, making it seem all the more real.

Other galleries include the H.R. MacMillian Tropical Gallery and the impressive Southern Arctic Gallery with its collection of friendly belugas. The site is so huge that you will feel as if you are walking under the sea. There is the Max Bell Marine Mammal Centre which will show you its resident dolphins. You can enjoy a spectacular show which is held on a regular basis but be warn as you may get wet!

A new gallery has opened! Be sure to visit Aquaquest - the Marilyn Blusson Learning Centre while you're at the Vancuver Aqurium. This new gallery features an interactive environment along with a theatre and classrooms to provide an entertaining and educational experience. Great for the kids. Want a free preview of the Vancouver Aqurium? Free live Beluga cam.

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