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    Staying in Vancouver can be costly but if you plan your budget carefully and do a little research, you can find great deals that won't hurt your holiday spirit. The general rule when staying in Vancuver is the closer you are to the heart of the Downtown, the more expensive the accomodations will be. Tourist places, accessibility of public transportation and shopping malls, the period of stay, extras within a room all play a part in the price of the room. If you don't mind a clean room with very basic extras but easy access to the city, then you should try looking for motels accomodations. An alternate option is staying at the guest houses accomodations located throughout the city itself that provide a an affordable rate but you will need to book months ahead.

    Some places provide an in-room safety deposit box that can be rented so you can lock your valuables away. If you cannot find one but wish to leave your valuables, consult the receptionist at the place and for a small fee they will look after your things. Remember to lock your bags before you leave for added protection.

    Most hotels have underground parking lots that are free but you may have to pay extra even if you are staying in any of the rooms. Valets are available at most places and you do have to tip them if you wish to use their services.

    Bed and Breakfast is a great alternative to motels and hotels. You can find these agencies located throughout the city (or the province) with accommodation ranging from a basic room to a gorgeous room with a view. If you're new to this concept, you don't have to worry about privacy. The hosts are usually friendly and professional who know just how much interaction guests require. The advantages of living in such places is the price which is generally less than half of what Downtown charge and the services are on a one to one basis.

    If you are thinking about backpacking, hostels are a good alternative to motels or bed and breakfast. Hostels are catered to your basic needs. Some places offer private rooms and bathrooms. You can even cook meals in a fully equipped kitchen. As hostels are quite popular in Vancouver, it is advisable to book months in advance.

    Camping is a great way to enjoy nature under the stars. Vancouver is known for its beautiful natural resources so make the most of it. There are camping grounds located throughout British Columbia. It is easy to hire a tent and equipment then go for an overnight hike. Some grounds offer cottages tucked away from the city landscape at a reasonable price. If you are not too keen on camping outdoors but want to enjoy nature without the constraints of city life, then try renting a trailer. You can park your trailer at designated trailer parks. Some parks include a pool, store, sani-station and even free showers.

    Bear in mind that if you choose to go camping then summer (usually mid-year) is the best time to do it. If you come during the winter months, then you can expect very cold and wet weather. It is usually not worth camping during this time.

    Whatever your choice, staying in Vancouver is a unique experience of its own. Whether you prefer to experience the lifestyle of the inner city by staying in hotels or simply camp out surrounded by lush forest, you will be rewarded by the sights and sounds, all of which are Canadian.

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